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What good is a well planned landscape installation or renovation if it is not going to be properly maintained?  This is not simply a “plant it and forget it” situation.  Contoured edges that offer distinction between the lawn and the landscape bed; regular trimming or shearing; seasonal pruning; routine weed control; and lastly, the treatment of valuable plant specimens with necessary nutrients to ensure proper development are the hallmarks of Landscape Maintenance. These elements ensure a landscape installation will mature and look as intended for years to come.

At Vigliotti Landscape & Construction, we begin each new year planning for our customers’ spring needs: Spring leaf cleanup; pruning for select specimens; fertilization, and not just for turf grass but also for ornamental/blossoming specimens; edging of all landscape beds for that clean distinction between lawn and bed; transplanting any specimens that may respond better in another area; cutting back expired perennials/grasses, and spreading fresh mulch and compost for landscape beds.  It’s also an ideal time of year to test the landscape beds’ soil content for acidic or alkalinity levels to help us make decisions on what specimens can thrive.

As you can see, these facets of landscaping need addressed, and we know this because of our 30 years of service to the region.  Bear in mind that these are all in addition to the routine services we offer such as lawn mowing and trimming shrubbery.  We offer a customized service calendar to ensure you receive the necessary services at the required time while increasing or decreasing the frequencies to tailor-fit a budget.

All-inclusive Landscape Maintenance Program

Contact us to learn about our all-inclusive landscape maintenance program, so we can customize a maintenance schedule for your property’s landscape.

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