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Is your newly-constructed home ready for landscaping yet? Or are you simply tired of looking at the same shrubbery and plants you inherited when you bought the home years ago? In either instance, Vigliotti Landscape & Construction can take it from here. Our initial free consultation is the first step.  Should you engage our landscape design services, we’ll offer our best suggestions for a fresh scenario of your project.  Upon your approval, the project will begin. Hardscape projects; Trees, shrubs, plants, perennials, annuals, and lastly, bulbs, are all part of the design installation pallet; Finally, we’ll install the lawn to finish the project.
Hedges and natural borders; tree and shrub natural privacy screens; blooming specimens for each season; boulders for accenting; maybe a pathway through a garden – all possibilities for your project. Let’s make the existing space look as beautiful as possible. We know you already love the inside of your home. Now it’s time to enjoy the outside.

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Contact us to learn about our complete installation program, which includes the initial design, layout and execution.

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