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Whether it’s a typical residential walkway, a backyard patio for entertaining, or a full-size driveway, Vigliotti Landscape & Construction has the equipment and experience for the assignment.  Surface finish options in straight broom or swirl effect, and choose your surface texture in either traditional concrete or exposed aggregate for a more distinguished appeal.


  • ADA-approved walkways and access ramps;
  • Driveways and walkways;
  • Contoured turn-arounds/round-abouts;
  • Front entry and rear entry with curbs;
  • Swimming pool decks;
  • Steps;
  • Retention walls;
  • Loading docks and ramps;
  • Integral heat within concrete

Bear in mind that concrete construction projects require skillful and safe execution of the work.  The finished product is ultimately the most visible result and along with the traditional grey surface color/finish, our expertise includes both ‘exposed aggregate’ and ‘stamped’ surface finishes, depending on your project’s interests and needs. After three decades of service to the region, and the experience from various projects, Vigliotti Landscape & Construction is firmly committed to maintaining a consistent standard of excellence.

New + Replacement Concrete Services

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